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Klein Tools® Introduces New Impact Socket Set with Most Commonly Used Sizes 2022-01-19
Klein Tools® Launches Highly Portable Power Station as Alternative to Gas Generators 2022-01-17
Klein Tools® Launches Highly Portable Power Station as Alternative to Gas Generators 2022-01-13
Klein Tools® Launches Portable, Versatile Lighting Solution for Any Worksite 2022-01-04
Klein Tools® Launches PowerBox for Magnetically Mountable Power Distribution 2021-12-15
Klein Tools® Launches Portable Power Station, 1500W Designed with the Jobsite in Mind 2021-12-08
Klein Tools® Introduces Coated Impact Socket with Two of the Most Commonly Used Sizes 2021-11-30
Klein Tools®' Innovative New Fan Takes Jobsite Cooling to the Next Level 2021-11-09
Klein Tools® Expands Insulated Driver Offerings with Additional Lengths, Tips and Set 2021-10-19
Klein Tools® Adds Limited Edition Neck and Face Band to Line of Cooling Products 2021-10-07
Klein Tools® Introduces Solution for Cable Identification and Connector Protection 2021-09-29
Klein Tools® Launches New Range of Cable Management Solutions 2021-09-21
Klein Tools®’ New Ironworker’s Pliers Feature Heavy-Duty Grip for More Comfort 2021-09-14
Klein Tools® Launches Rechargeable Self-Leveling Planar Laser Level with Clear, Bright 360° Lines 2021-09-09
Klein Tools® Introduces New Data Plugs for Easy Installation with Less Waste 2021-09-08
Klein Tools® Launches New Differential Manometer for HVAC Professionals 2021-09-02
Klein Tools® Adds Innovative Rechargeable Safety Lamp to Lighting Accessories Line 2021-08-25
Klein Tools®’ New Headlamp Provides Protection in Hazardous Situations 2021-08-18
Klein Tools® Launches 2-Color Headlamp to Meet Multiple Lighting Needs 2021-08-12
Klein Tools® Introduces Updated Tool Kits to Better Serve Trade Professionals 2021-08-10
Klein Tools® Expands Line of LED Rechargeable Flashlights 2021-08-04
Klein Tools® Launches New Knee Pads for All-Day Comfort 2021-08-03
Klein Tools® Launches New Kit for Affordable Temperature and Outlet Testing 2021-07-21
Klein Tools’® Rechargeable Bluetooth® Speaker Provides New Level of Convenience 2021-06-23
Klein Tools’® New Magnetic Wire Puller Makes Fishing Wire and Cable Quick and Easy 2021-06-14
Klein Tools® Introduces New Low-Profile Respirators for Respiratory Protection 2021-06-14
Klein Tools® Launches 2-Piece Ironworker’s Pliers Set for Working with Rebar Tie Wire 2021-06-14
Klein Tools® Introduces Next Generation Data Cable Tester 2021-06-14
Klein Tools® Introduces Unique Staple Starter to Make Process Fast and Safe 2021-06-14
Klein Tools® Introduces New Digital Level with Programmable Angles and Plumber’s Kit for Working with PVC and Non-Magnetic Pipes 2021-05-18
Klein Tools® Adds to Line of Cooling Products to Keep Pros Safe This Summer 2021-05-13
Klein Tools'® New Gas Leak Detector Perfect for HVAC Professionals 2021-05-12
Klein Tools® Pairs Two Essential Electrical Testers in Convenient Value Kit 2021-05-05
Klein Tools® Launches New Advanced Clamp Meter for Maximum Accuracy 2021-04-21
Klein Tools® Launches New Parallel Jaw Grip for Guy Strand 2021-04-15
Klein Tools® Launches Five New Electrical Test Kits at Great Prices 2021-04-13
Klein Tools® Launches Line of Conduit Benders with New Patent-Pending Technology 2021-03-17
Klein Tools® Launches Fallen Lineman Tribute Knife to Honor Electrical Line Workers 2021-03-11
Klein Tools’® New KARBN™ Hard Hats Provide Protection with Sleek New Look 2021-03-10
Klein Tools’® New Rechargeable Headlamp Offers Multiple Modes to Fit Any Task 2021-03-03
Klein Tools® Introduces Wire Stripper/ Cutter with Comfort Grip and Updated Lock 2021-02-25
Klein Tools® Launches GFCI Receptacle Tester with LCD 2021-02-23
Klein Tools® Introduces Two New Impact Socket Sets with Commonly Used Sizes 2021-02-09
Klein Tools® Named in Energage 2021 Top Workplaces USA 2021-01-28
Klein Tools® Introduces Slotted Impact Socket featuring Patent-Pending Design to Tighten and Loosen Most Hot-Line Clamps 2021-01-27
Klein Tools’® New Cable Cutter Adds Stripping to Increase Versatility 2021-01-21
Klein Tools® Introduces Adapter to Increase Versatility of Impact Wrench 2021-01-07
Klein Tools® Expands Line of Personal Protective Equipment with Reusable Face Masks 2021-01-05
Klein Tools’® New Glow Fish Tape Perfect for Low Light Applications 2020-12-17
Klein Tools® Adds Neck and Face Warming Bands to Line of Winter Products 2020-12-10
Klein Tools’® New Winter Gear Designed to Keep You Warm Throughout the Winter 2020-12-09
Klein Tools® Introduces New Claw Milled Hammer Designed with Lineworkers in Mind 2020-12-03
Klein Tools® Announces 2020 Electrician of the Year 2020-12-03
Klein Tools’® New Impact Punchdown Tool Easily Terminates and Cuts Wire in 1 Step 2020-12-01
Two New Multi-Bit Screwdrivers from Klein Tools® Make Driving Faster and Easier 2020-11-25
Klein Tools’® New Adjustable Multi-Bit Screwdrivers are Designed for Versatility 2020-11-12
Klein Tools’® New 14-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Designed For Convenience and Control 2020-10-29
Klein Tools’® New Cable Cutter Requires Less Force to Cut 2020-10-20
U.S. to Face Failing Infrastructure, Dire Societal Fallout from Electrical Workforce Gap 2020-10-17
Klein Tools’® New Borescope for Android® Enables Easy Sight into Hard-to-Reach Areas 2020-10-08
Klein Tools’® New Infrared Thermometer Makes Measuring Temperature Easy 2020-10-07
Klein Tools’® New Visors Expand Scope of Safety Helmet Protection 2020-09-30
Klein Tools® Introduces Screwdriver Set with 39 Precision Bits, Including those for Apple® Products 2020-09-29
Klein Tools’® New Hard Hats Provide Professionals Safety with All Day Comfort 2020-09-24
Klein Tools’® New Non-Contact Voltage Testers Easily Switch Between Dual Ranges 2020-09-15
Klein Tools® Celebrates Manufacturing Milestone with 1 Million Work Hours without a Lost-Time Injury 2020-09-15
Klein Tools’® New Tradesman Tumbler Perfect for Jobsite Hydration 2020-09-10
Klein Tools® Introduces Mini Ratchet Set for Fastening in Small Spaces 2020-09-09
Klein Tools’® Scout® 3 Pro Line Expands with New Features and New Kit Options 2020-09-03
Klein Tools’® New Impact Wrench Joins Battery-Operated Tool Family 2020-09-02
Klein Tools’® New Forged Wire Stripper Brings 6 Stripping Holes and Crimper to 1 Tool 2020-08-20
Klein Tools’® New Safety Helmets Designed to Keep Professionals Safe and Comfortable 2020-08-19
Klein Tools® Introduces New and Improved Line of Digital Clamp Meters 2020-08-12
Klein Tools’® New Pocket Knife Proves Useful for Everyday Jobsite Tasks 2020-08-06
Klein Tools’® New Canvas Buckets Add Drawstring for Secure Hold 2020-08-04
Klein Tools’® New Rechargeable Headlamps Give Professionals More Versatility 2020-07-21
Klein Tools’® New 11-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver and Nut Driver Designed for Speed and Ease 2020-07-09
Klein Tools® Launches One-of-a-Kind Loose Cable Stapler 2020-07-08
Klein Tools’® Rechargeable Thermal Imager Perfect for Wide Range of Troubleshooting 2020-07-07
Klein Tools® Launches New and Improved Ratcheting Lineman Wrenches 2020-07-01
Klein Tools® Launches Compact Impact Drill and Wrench to Provide Max Torque 2020-06-30
Klein Tools® Expands Safety Line with New Safety Glasses, Multiple Styles 2020-06-24
Klein Tools® Introduces Insulated Tool Kit Featuring 5 Essential Tools 2020-06-18
Klein Tools’® New Green Cross-Line Laser Level Perfect for Brighter Jobsites 2020-06-11
Klein Tools’® New 1/4’’ Wide Fish Tape Keeps Flexibility While Increasing Firmness 2020-06-10
Klein Tools’® Rechargeable Personal Jobsite Fan Brings Airflow Wherever Needed 2020-06-04
Klein Tools® Adds Neck and Face Band to Line of Cooling Products 2020-06-02
Klein Tools’® New Cable Cutter Reduces Size While Maintaining Strength 2020-05-28
Klein Tools® Introduces New Safety Vest to Keep Professionals Seen While Working 2020-05-28
Klein Tools® Introduces New Line of Gloves Specialized to Professionals’ Needs 2020-05-28
Klein Tools® Launches Knee Pads to Offer Comfort and Protection 2020-05-28
Klein Tools® Introduces Slim-Tip Insulated Screwdriver Sets for Work in Tight Spaces 2020-05-28
Klein Tools® Introduces New Line of Cooling Products 2020-05-06
Klein Tools® Combines Two Products for Easy to Use Testing Kit 2020-04-23
Klein Tools® Introduces Laser Line Bubble Level 2020-04-15
Klein Tools® Introduces Click-Lock Modular System 2020-03-27
Klein® Tools Launches Left-Handed Ironworker’s Pliers 2020-03-26
Klein Tools’® Scout® 3 Pro Tester Starter Kit is Next Generation of VDV Testing 2020-03-10
Klein Tools® Reinforces Commitment to Future Tradespeople with 2020 SkillsUSA National Signing Day 2020-03-05
Klein Tools® Introduces Rechargeable Bluetooth® Speaker with Magnetic Strap 2020-03-05
Klein Tools’® New Rechargeable Focus Flashlight with Laser Solves Multiple Jobsite Problems 2020-03-03
Klein Tools® Introduces Tone & Probe Test and Trace Kit 2020-02-11
Klein Tools’® Introduces Tool Station Backpacks 2019-12-19
Klein Tools’® Launches Insulation Resistance Tester 2019-12-18
Klein Tools’® Introduces Redesigned Fish Tape Line 2019-12-12
Klein Tools® Launches Digital Angle Gauge & Level 2019-11-27
Klein Tools® Introduces Portable Power Station 2019-11-26
Klein Tools® Introduces Interchangeable Insulated Slim-Tip Screwdrivers 2019-10-08
Klein Tools® Improves Tape Measure Performance and Durability with Updated Line 2019-10-03
Klein Tools® Combines Durability, Strength and Functionality with Forged Wire Crimper 2019-09-24
Klein Tools’® Ratcheting Crimper Increases Crimping Power for All-Day Success 2019-09-05
Klein Tools® Provides Professionals with Durable Knee Protection and Ultimate Comfort 2019-08-27
Klein® Tools Searches for ‘Head of the Class’ Instructors 2019-08-27
Klein Tools® Reintroduces Iconic Canvas Tool Bags: Now Available in Classic Black 2019-08-22
Klein Tools’® Rechargeable Personal Worklight Mounts Hands-Free Wherever Needed 2019-08-20
Klein Tools® Helps Power Jobsite Accessories and Tech on the Go 2019-08-13
Klein Tools® Equips Professionals with Cooling Products to Manage Heat Stress 2019-08-08
Klein Tools’® Pro Folding 11-Piece Hex Key Set Features a 1/2-Inch Key Size 2019-08-06
Klein Tools’® Shear-Cut Wire Stripper Features Six Stripping Holes for 8-20 AWG Wire 2019-08-06
Klein Tools’® Pinless Moisture Meter Allows for Noninvasive Moisture Detection 2019-08-06
Klein Tools’® New Hard Hats Designed for Pros – Safety, Comfort and Fit 2019-08-06
Klein Tools’® New Non-Contact Voltage Tester Also Measures Distances up to 66 Feet 2019-08-06
Klein Tools® Adds Two Pocket-Sized Innovations to the Voice-Data-Video Product Line 2019-08-06
Klein Tools’® Tradesman Pro™ Storage Solutions Offer Greater Carrying Capacity 2019-08-06
Klein Tools’® Cap Visor Light Fits Securely onto a Professional’s Work Hat 2019-08-06
Klein Tools® Introduces Larger Canvas Zipper Bags for Convenient Storage 2019-08-06
Klein Tools® Introduces an Impact Power Bit Set for Pro Performance 2019-08-06
Klein Tools® Extends Electrical Tester Product Line, Introduces Two New Innovations 2019-08-06
Klein Tools’® WiFi Borescope Enables Easy Saving and Sharing of Camera Output 2019-04-25
Klein Tools® Optimizes Control for Precision Work in Electronic and HVAC Applications 2019-04-16
Jimmy Garoppolo to Participate in SkillsUSA National Signing Day Sponsored by Klein Tools® May 8 2019-04-11
Klein Tools’® AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter Provides Improved Usability and Viewability 2019-04-09
Klein Tools® Introduces the 2-in-1 Impact Socket Set to Help Utility and Construction Professionals Save Time Between Tasks 2019-03-19
SkillsUSA National Signing Day Sponsored by Klein Tools® Will Celebrate Thousands of High School Seniors Nationwide May 8 2019-03-13
Klein Tools® Introduces Easy-To-Use AC/DC Voltage Testers for Residential Wiring 2019-02-21
Klein Tools® Increases All-Day Cutting and Crimping Capabilities for Line Crews 2019-02-05
Klein Tools® Acquires Wattmaster, Alco Brands in Melbourne, Australia 2019-02-04
Klein Tools® “State of the Industry”: Popularity of Sustainable Energy Jobs Continues to Rise Among Electricians 2019-01-10
Klein Tools® Increases Precision and Control When Working in Confined Spaces 2019-01-08
Klein Tools’® Tradesman Pro™ XX-Large Phone Holder Protects Jobsite Tech 2018-12-20
Klein Tools® Equips Professionals to Complete Coaxial Cable Installations 2018-12-13
Klein Tools® Expands Infrared Measurement Range for Use in Versatile Applications 2018-11-28
Have Yourself a Merry Tradesperson’s Christmas with Klein Tools’® Holiday Gift Guide 2018-11-12
Klein Tools’® New Vinyl Storage Line Increases Visibility, Protects from the Elements 2018-11-06
Klein Tools® Introduces Innovative Design with New Wire Stripper/Crimper Multi-Tool 2018-10-23
Klein Tools® “State of the Industry”: Millennials Prefer Multi-Functional Tools Compared to Other Generations 2018-10-10
Klein Tools® Wins Five 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2018-10-05
Klein Tools’® USB Digital Meters and Tester Monitor the Power Delivered by USB Ports 2018-10-02
Klein Tools® Helps Keep Small Pieces and Parts Close at Hand 2018-09-24
Klein Tools® Announces 2018 Electrician of the Year Winner 2018-09-21
Klein Tools® Helps Professionals Stay Prepared for their Next Wire and Cable Installation Job with the New Splinter Guard™ Fish and Glow Rod Kit 2018-09-17
Klein Tools® Integrates Patented Magnet Track into New 24-Inch Bubble Level 2018-09-12
Klein Tools® Acquires Ergodyne in St. Paul, Minnesota 2018-09-05
Klein Tools® Extends the Test and Measurement Line, Offering Innovative Capabilities 2018-08-28
Klein Tools’® Rechargeable Auto-Off Headlamp Provides All-Day Illumination 2018-08-16
Klein Tools® Announces 2018 Electrician of the Year Regional Winners 2018-08-09
Klein Tools’® Pocket Continuity Tester Enables Simple Tracing of Coaxial Cable 2018-08-09
Klein Tools® Enables Professionals and DIY-ers to Customize Tool Bags 2018-08-09
Klein Tools® Continues to Grow US Facilities 2018-08-09
Klein Tools’® US Products Featured at White House’s ‘Made in America’ Showcase 2018-08-09
Tom Klein, Jr. of Klein Tools® Recognized as a Rising Star in the Electrical Industry 2018-08-09
Klein Tools® Offers a Complete Line of Duct and Sheet Metal Tools Perfect for HVAC Professionals 2018-08-09
Klein Tools’® Folding Jab Saw Enables Safer Storage and Faster Cutting 2018-08-09
Klein Tools® Enables Quicker and Safer Insulation Removal with Large Cable Strippers 2018-08-09
Klein Tools’® New Aviation Snips Integrate Wire Cutter for Convenient Versatility 2018-08-09
Klein Tools® Announces 2018 Electrician of the Year Regional Winners 2018-08-08
Klein Tools’® Pocket Continuity Tester Enables Simple Tracing of Coaxial Cable 2018-08-06
Klein Tools® Enables Professionals and DIY-ers to Customize Tool Bags 2018-07-31
Klein Tools® Continues to Grow US Facilities 2018-07-25
Klein Tools’® US Products Featured at White House’s ‘Made in America’ Showcase 2018-07-23
Tom Klein, Jr. of Klein Tools® Recognized as a Rising Star in the Electrical Industry 2018-07-18
Klein Tools® Offers a Complete Line of Duct and Sheet Metal Tools Perfect for HVAC Professionals 2018-07-17
Klein Tools’® Folding Jab Saw Enables Safer Storage and Faster Cutting 2018-07-10
Klein Tools® Enables Quicker and Safer Insulation Removal with Large Cable Strippers 2018-06-21
Klein Tools’® New Aviation Snips Integrate Wire Cutter for Convenient Versatility 2018-06-19
Klein Tools’® New 7-in-1 Nut Driver Delivers Increased Torque for Tough Jobs 2018-06-14
Klein Tools’® Expansion to Test and Measurement Line Broadens Applications for HVAC Professionals 2018-06-13
Klein® Tools’ New Multi-Tool Enables Seven Different Functions 2018-06-06
Klein® Tools Opens Nominations for the 2018 Electrician of the Year 2018-06-04
Klein® Tools’ Extended-Reach Coax Crimper Makes Work in Confined Spaces Easier 2018-05-23
Klein® Tools “State of the Industry”: Problem Solving, Working with Your Hands and Job Security Are Top Reasons Millennials Enjoy Working in the Skilled Trades 2018-05-21
Klein® Tools Introduces Easy to Use, Easy to Carry Pocket Knives 2018-05-18
Klein® Tools Helps Keep Essential Items Handy with New Datacom Installation Kits 2018-05-11
Klein® Tools’ New Clamping Worklight Provides Hands-Free Illumination 2018-05-08
Klein® Tools’ New Hybrid Pliers Reduce the Number of Tools Needed on the Job 2018-05-01
Klein® Tools Introduces Flexible AC Current Clamp Meter, Enabling Measurements in Hard-to-Reach Spaces 2018-04-27
Klein® Tools’ Tradesman Pro™ Organizers and Accessories Offer New Carrying Sizes 2018-04-20
Klein® Tools Partners with Chicago’s Project H.O.O.D. to Equip Students for Successful Careers in the Trades 2018-04-17
Klein® Tools Integrates Breakthrough Wire Stripper Design into New Model 2018-04-12
Klein® Tools Helps Linemen Eliminate Built-Up Water Found in Bolt Bags 2018-04-04
Klein® Tools Optimizes Leverage with New Long-Nose Wire Stripper/Crimper 2018-03-05
Klein® Tools Increases Cutting, Crimping and Drilling Power with Battery-Operated Tools 2018-02-19
Klein® Tools Expands the Test and Measurement Line for Greater Accuracy 2018-02-15
Klein® Tools Increases Cable Pulling Power with New Tools for Linemen 2018-02-12
Klein® Tools Helps Save Time and Money on the Job with New Retrieval Tool 2018-02-06
Klein® Tools Reduces Time Required on the Job with New Multi-Size Impact Sockets 2018-01-22
Klein® Tools Kicks Off 2018 with an Expansion to the HVAC Product Line 2018-01-15
Klein® Tools Expands the Wire Marker Book Product Line for Ease While On the Job 2018-01-08
Klein® Tools Introduces New Multi-Purpose Tools Designed with Electricians in Mind 2017-12-27
Klein® Tools’ 2017 Ironworker’s Products Increase Productivity and Safety on the Job 2017-12-20
Klein Tools’ New Tradesman Pro™ Tool Gear Backpack Makes Organization on the Job Easier 2017-12-14
Klein Tools "State of the Industry": Electricians Not Concerned about Technology Impacting Job Security 2017-11-30
Klein® Tools Expands Voice-Data-Video Product Line with Convenient Tools for Preparing, Connecting and Testing Twisted-Pair and Coaxial Cables 2017-11-29
Klein® Tools Announces Holiday Gift Ideas Perfect for the Tradespeople in Your Life 2017-11-22
Klein® Tools Releases High Performance Alignment and Layout Tools 2017-11-21
Klein Tools® Wins Two 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2017-11-03
Klein® Tools Increases Cutting Power with New 9” Heavy-Duty Diagonal-Cutting Pliers 2017-10-19
Klein® Tools Introduces the Magnetizer/Demagnetizer for Increased Productivity 2017-10-13
Klein Tools’ New Tool Bags Stay Open for Convenience While On the Job 2017-10-10
Klein Tools Continues to Expand Product Line for HVAC Applications 2017-10-04
Klein Tools Magnetic Wire Pulling System Receives Product of the Year Award 2017-10-03
Klein Tools Announces 2017 Electrician of the Year Winner 2017-10-02
Klein® Tools Announces 2017 Electrician of the Year Regional Winners 2017-08-23
Klein Tools’ New Easy-to-Use Digital Light Meter Helps Ensure OSHA Compliance 2017-08-15
Klein® Tools Introduces the HVAC 8-in-1 Hex Head Slide Driver™ Screwdriver/Nut Driver with Multiple Bits for Convenience While on the Job 2017-08-10
Klein Tools “State of the Industry”: More Experienced Electricians Leaving the Field 2017-08-09
Klein® Tools Named Official Tool Sponsor of the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ 2017-07-26
Klein Tools Expands Test & Measurement Line with 2 New HVAC Products 2017-07-12
Klein Tools Opens Nominations for the 2017 Electrician of the Year 2017-07-10
Klein Tools Quadruples Wire Stripper Strength with Breakthrough Design 2017-06-27
Klein Tools 2-in-1 Hex Head Slide Driver™ Easily Switches between Popular Sizes 2017-06-14
Klein Tools Enhances Test and Measurement Line with 2 New Voltage Testers 2017-06-08
Klein Tools Acquires General Machine Products Co. in Trevose, Penn. 2017-06-08
Klein Tools Cable Skinning Utility Knife with Replaceable Blade Saves Time on the Job 2017-05-24
Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tough Box Cooler Keeps Items Cool for Up to 30 Hours 2017-05-01
Klein Tools “State of the Industry”: Electricians Doing their Part to Close U.S. Skills Gap 2017-04-17

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